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Escambia County buildings, offices and West Florida Public Libraries reopened to the public at less capacity in accordance with Phase 1 of Gov. DeSantis’ Executive Order 20-111Executive Order 20-112, and Executive Order 20-123. Go here to find out how to access county services.
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Escambia County Property - Transfer, Disposal, and Auction

This page contains directions and links to assist each Bureau with handling county property. Each Bureau has a property custodian who is responsible for ensuring that Bureau's county property is accounted for.

Transfer of Property within the BCC

Report of Reassigned Excess Property
For more information contact Kara Cowen with Clerk of Court at 850-595-4830.

Disposition of County Property

Property custodians for each Bureau are responsible for starting the disposition process. There is a flowchart for each process and a disposition form that can be used for all the processes. Choose the applicable process and read the flow chart for directions.

Process for disposing of BCC computers
Process for disposing of elected officials computers
Process for disposing of BCC non-computer and non-vehicle property
Process for disposing of BCC vehicles and large equipment

For more information, contact Tara Cannon with the Management & Budget Services Department at 850-595-4996.

Auction Process for County Property

After disposition of county property is approved by the BCC, disposing bureau, constitutional officer, or outside agency will have to put items in good condition on the Pensacola Community Auction website for 30 days.

Steps for placing items on the auction site are as follows and will be posted on the county property intranet page.
  1. Contact James Hallman with Pensacola Community Auction (PCA) at 850-380-0968.
  2. Arrangements will be made to get picture and item description.
  3. Items must be advertised for upcoming sale on PCA website six (6) days prior to sale.
  4. When items are sold, customer is responsible for transfer of item and will write a check payable to Escambia County BCC or pay cash. Disposing bureau, constitutional officer, or outside agency will give written receipt to customer.
  5. For more information, call Maribelle VanBrussel at 937-2123.

Large Equipment and Vehicles Surplus Listing

For more information on vehicles and large equipment being sold and auctioned, contact Maribelle Van Brussel ´╗┐at 850-937-2123.

Pensacola Community Auction Website